UFC will hold tournaments on a private island

UFC will hold tournaments on a private island.

The UFC 249 tournament will take place on the territory of the United States, but in the near future the organization will lease a private island, which will allow it to hold events with the participation of foreign fighters without any problems.

This was announced by the President of the UFC, Dana white, in an interview with TMZ Sports.

“I found a place for the UFC 249 tournament, and we booked it for two months,” the head of the organization said. “Now we are organizing everything there and plan to organize fights every week. In addition, one or two days, and I will make a deal to rent a private island. There we will be able to hold duels with the participation of foreign fighters. Since I can’t gather foreign fighters in the United States,I will have a private island where they will fly and fight. So, since April 18, we are back in business and will hold fights every week. We have our own planes and everything we need to get the fighters to the island”

Also the head of UFC assured that all participants of events, including service personnel and judges, will be checked for coronavirus.

“Everyone will be checked, checked, and checked again,” white continued. “We will make sure that we have healthy athletes, healthy representatives of commissions, healthy judges, referees, my employees, and everyone who will participate in this. We will make sure that all of them are safe before, during, and after the fighting»

The head of the organization did not give a direct answer to the question of where exactly the UFC 249 tournament will take place, the main event of which will be a fight for the temporary lightweight title between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaitzhi.

“The venue for UFC 249 is ESPN,” white snapped.