Tony Ferguson has opened the favourite in a match against Justin Haiti

The first number of the UFC lightweight rating, Tony Ferguson, opened as the clear favorite in a potential bout against the fourth number of the division, Justin Gaitzhi, which can take place on April 18 at UFC 249.

At the moment, the coefficient for Ferguson’s victory is 1.578 (10 to 17), while the probable success of Geitzhi is estimated at a coefficient of 2.45 (29 to 20).

Bookmakers published the starting odds for the fight a day after Khabib Nurmagomedov said that he could not fly out of Russia,and Ferguson was offered a fight with Geitzhi as a replacement.

We will note that bookmakers still accept bets on Nurmagomedov and Ferguson’s fight, as the organization did not officially inform about the cancellation of the fight. The undefeated Russian fighter is still the clear favorite in this confrontation with a win ratio of 1.333 (1 to 3), and the American can be bet on a victory at the rate of 5 to 2 (3.5).

Bob Arum: “Dana white is a person with a perverted mind»

The famous Boxing promoter Bob Arum attacked the President of the UFC, Dan white, who is doing everything possible to hold the UFC 249 tournament in the conditions of the coronavirus epidemic.

“Dana white should be ashamed of himself!”, “Arum said in an interview with CBS Sports. “Now, when such events are taking place in the country and the world because of this virus, the last thing we need is an event without an audience. But the truth is that Dana white is a person with a perverted mind»

“If the tournament takes place while people continue to die in US hospitals, it will disgrace itself. The government’s message was to keep people at home until it was over. Let’s not spread the virus, get it under control, and do everything we can to help hospitals and take care of people who are in intensive care»

We will remind that the UFC 249 tournament should take place on April 18, but the place of its carrying out, as well as the main event, still remain under question.