“Tony Fegurson has enough weapons to play with Khabib” – coach Eddie Bravo said

In the face of concerns and Tony Ferguson’s record low win rate against Khabib Nurmagomedov, the experienced coach Eddie Bravo is still confident in the students’ ability to reverse the situation.
On April 19 at UFC 249, the most anticipated UFC match between defending champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will take place. The confrontation will determine who is the boxer with unbeaten string topping the history of Lightweight class.

Despite being the last name hoping to surpass Khabib, Tony Ferguson did not completely overwhelm the opponent in his victories. Even “Ong” has many times been left behind before turning the tide, this is also the reason he is underestimated in the upcoming match.
However, Tony Ferguson’s software director, Eddie Bravo, insists that the team has been preparing for the match against Khabib for a long time, especially ready to go into the worst situations.

“We have been preparing for Khabib for a long time. The team is always ready for the worst scenarios, and Khabib is that scenario. He is almost a wrestler using the best Ground-and-Pound style ever. This will be the toughest challenge on the MMA floor with the 10th Planet team. ”

Praise Khabib, but Eddie Bravo also confirmed the “game” of the champion is not without loopholes. ”

For example, with Gleison Tibau, who didn’t fall down, and Khabib had some of those matches. You can also see the match with Rafael Dos Anjos, Khabib cannot perform some techniques like with other boxers. He cannot break Anjos’s defensive stance (pass guard). The stumbling blocks are not easy either. ”

If the Dagestan fighters use a hit and ground-and-pound method, Tony Ferguson is from the 10th Planet Jiujitsu furnace – a gym known for using guard positions while underneath. and unleashed unpredictable strikes from this position. Currently, both Khabib and Tony are in the middle of a pre-match training session, all with the goal of absolute victory at UFC 249.