The UFC President is ready to settle the conflict with Jon Jones

Despite the public conflict with John Jones, the UFC President, Dana white, believes that he will be able to come to an agreement and restore the partnership with the current UFC light heavyweight champion.

“You can’t always agree with everything,” white is quoted as saying by MMA Fighting. “Right now, John Jones and I don’t agree. We have some differences, but Jon Jones is a partner in our business. So is Conor McGregor, who is also a partner in our business. This list goes on and on. When you get to that level and become a star or a world champion like these guys, you become a partner».

“There are situations like this when you can’t come to an agreement with your partners, start a public war with each other, but eventually get tired of all this and come to a solution, as in any other relationship. I think we’ll sort it out”

We will remind that the reason for the conflict between the UFC champion and the management of the organization were unsuccessful negotiations about a fight against Francis Ngannou, as a result of which Dana white called the requests of the light heavyweight “absurd”, and the fighter declared the UFC President a liar, saying that he pauses his career and releases the championship belt.

Vadim Nemkov spoke to Khabib Nurmagomedov

The contender for the Bellator light heavyweight title, Vadim Nemkov, shared his opinion about Khabib Nurmagomedov, saying that he considers his compatriot an outstanding fighter.

“Habib Nurmagomedov think is outstanding,” said Nemcov in an interview Bepress. “He has his own style, he doesn’t need to change anything. And when he fights, he does it spectacularly-beautiful transfers, throws… There are many fighters who simply transfer and lie down, try to break off an arm or a leg. Khabib not only translates, but also finishes strongly. And he interrupted McGregor in the stand»

We will remind that Khabib Nurmagomedov in August-September has to go for a unification fight with the temporary UFC lightweight champion, Justin Geitzhi, and Vadim Nemkov in the next duel will challenge the current Bellator champion in two weight categories, Ryan Bader.