The head of the UFC responded to McGregor, Jones and Masvidal

The President of UFC, Dana white, gave the answer to stars of the organization who expressed dissatisfaction with the terms of cooperation with the largest MMA promotion.

“The great thing about our sport is that you don’t have to fight,” the head of the organization said after the UFC 250 tournament. “This is not the NBA or NFL where you have to attend training sessions. You don’t have to do anything here. If these guys want to sit around, or retire, or feel uncomfortable, they shouldn’t fight».

“If this is what Conor, Jon Jones, Jorge Masvidal are feeling now – I understand it. I’m not going to go crazy about it, because the world is crazy enough right now. But the important thing about Masvidal is that we have just signed a new contract with Masvidal. Masvidal signed a contract for eight fights, and he has seven left. And we still worked with him and tried to make a deal for the fight, even though we have a valid agreement. Jon Jones also has seven fights left on his contract. He signed a new deal less than a year ago»

“So you can tell me whatever you want – I have a contract. We just signed new agreements with both guys. This is not the case when they have to fight on contracts three years ago. They signed the agreement a few months ago»

“These are difficult times, but I have not fired any of my employees. I try to take care of all my people, including my fighters. I give them jobs, do everything I can. Are you not on your way with me? Then get off the damn bus! See you later. Priority is given to those who want to fight. This is our priority. Those who want to fight will get this opportunity. The rest of us can do whatever they want – we don’t force anyone»

Recall that after unsuccessful negotiations with the UFC about the next fights, Jorge Masvidal and Jon Jones asked the organization to release them from their existing contracts, and Conor McGregor last weekend announced his retirement due to the fact that the promotion’s management refused to organize a title fight against Justin Gaitzhi.