Stephen Thompson does not believe that Khamzat Chimaev will be able to defeat Leon Edwards

American mixed martial arts fighter Stephen Thompson declares that he does not believe in the success of the Swedish prospect Khamzat Chimaev in a fight with Briton Leon Edwards. According to Stephen, all the noise around Khamzat was artificially created and in this battle, with a high probability, his words will be confirmed.

“Chimaev won three fights, one of which was in welterweight. He is now ranked fifteenth in the rankings, and is dating a guy who is ranked third. Definitely a big leap up the career ladder for him.

Yet, he has not yet been able to bribe me. I saw a few of his performances, and if you look at the statistics, then Leon should win this fight easily. So, I cast my vote towards Edwards, but Chimaev can always prove that I am wrong. To do this, he just needs to win, ”said Thompson.

Recall that the duel between Leon Edwards and Khamzat Chimaev will most likely take place on February 20th.

Martin Tybura – on the victory over Hardy: “I knew he was running out of fuel”

Polish UFC heavyweight Marcin Tybura commented on his early victory over Greg Hardy at UFC Fight Night 183. The fighter who finished in the second round claims that he realized that his opponent was quickly tired.

“He had a series of punches that could be a little dangerous, and I knew about it. Then I got a hint from the corner to move more, and I did it. I knew that he was running out of fuel and that he was getting tired. you just had to throw some heavy overhead punches to complete the finish.

Hardy is improving his skills all the time, but you know that ground work is not something you can learn in 1-2 years. As soon as I was on top, I knew it was the end.

Everything is in the right place now. At the moment I am so confident in my skills, game and progress that I can fight any fighter that the UFC gives me, “Tybura said in an interview after the fight with Hardy.