UFC lightweight fighter Pedro Munoz (18-4) spoke about Henry Cejudo’s decision to end his career.

“I don’t think Sehudo will return. He made a decision, and if you can retire with two belts, it’s definitely a big achievement, given that he’s also an Olympic champion. I think he made the right decision, but now it’s time for us to fight and see who will compete for the title.

I believe that his departure will benefit the division. I think if I had won my last fight, I would be furious right now because I would have been in Sterling’s shoes. It wasn’t fair for these guys that Sehudo only wanted to fight famous names.

So I think that his departure opens up opportunities for fighters, although I still do not agree with the choice of the main contenders for the vacant title. I still think this belt needs to play in the match Peter Yan – Allgemein sterling,” said Munoz.


Khabib Nurmagomedov’s (28-0) Manager Ali Abdel-Aziz commented on Conor McGregor‘s (22-4) resignation.

“It’s the same old hooker, he wants attention. He stole Amanda Nunes’s moment of fame. Now McGregor is serving a sentence for his behavior, he needs to sit out.

Let him get busy, let him fight Tony Ferguson. Let him fight with Jorge Masvidal. Stay active, I want to see activity from you. Remember how he used to say those words to all of us? Karma is a bitch” ” Abdel-Aziz said.


Russian wrestler Bilal Makhov, who recently failed a doping test, spoke about how his relationship with the UFC ended.

The athlete told TASS about this:

“When I had back surgery, they offered to fly me to Las Vegas, go to rehab. I did not respond to this message, so the communication came to nothing. The contract itself, when it was concluded, was signed without any obligations.

When the doping officers came to see me, I had just arrived from Germany after the operation. I had postoperative rehabilitation, I was injected with many different hormonal drugs. I was negligent about this issue, I didn’t pay enough attention to it, I didn’t show up where I needed to. Now there are proceedings, the Commission will already decide how much I had intent or whether I was going to take unfair advantage of the situation.

This was during the non-competitive period, but since we are professionals, the athletes are in the international pool. It was necessary to control the process, and I relaxed a little in this regard, and it flew. I had surgery on my back, neck, and knee, and I was injected with hormone medications that restore cartilage. These drugs must be declared in advance, and I did not do this.

I collect a full set of documents, what I did, how I treated. In any case, there will be penalties, the article implies at least a two-year disqualification” ” Makhov said.