Paulo Costa: “Two or three good hits will break Adesanya».

The contender for the UFC Middleweight title, Paulo Costa, shared his thoughts about the upcoming title fight with Israel Adesenya, and also called the main quality that distinguishes him from the current champion of the division.

“I have one question for Adesanya – why did you freeze when you met Romero?”, – the Brazilian addressed the champion in an interview with Submission Radio. “You’re not a real champion, man, you don’t deserve this. I’ll kill you».

“He knows that he lacks strength. He knows perfectly well that two or three good hits to the face or body will break him. He knows this because he has been knocked out twice. Imagine what I can do with his frail, skinny body with my hands in four-ounce gloves»

“Unlike him, I’m not afraid to miss a shot, and I’ve been in full contact for two months now in training camp with hard hitters. No shadow fights, just one-hundred-percent sparring. This makes me prepared to fight real opponents like Yoel Romero. So I’m properly prepared for a real fight. This is the main difference between me and Adesanya”

Recall that the Middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa will be the main event of the UFC 253 tournament, which will be held on September 26.

Stipe Miocic rated the chances of Jon Jones in the heavyweight division

A run in the heavyweight division will not be an easy ride for Jon Jones, the current division champion Stipe Miocic is sure.

“Look, we are big guys with little gloves,” the current UFC title holder said in an interview with ESPN. “One blow is enough. Whether you can hit hard or not, you can still be caught»

“Remember my first fight against DC. I was hit a lot harder and I didn’t serve, but D. C. caught me with a punch I didn’t see and I fell. So I don’t think it will be easier for Jones in the heavyweight division, given that now he needs to take care of the size of his opponents. It’s not 205 pounds – we have guys here at 265 pounds who have to race the weight»

“Jones has a great technique, and this should help him. He is very good at what he does, and always goes into a fight with a great strategic plan, but most fighters go into a fight with this plan, and it is obvious that this is not a guarantee of success, especially in a division where everything can be decided by a single blow”

We will remind that last week Jon Jones officially left the UFC light heavyweight championship belt vacant and announced his transition to the heavyweight category.