Oleg Taktarov named the reason for Tony Ferguson’s defeat

Oleg Taktarov named the reason for Tony Ferguson’s defeat
The winner of the sixth UFC championship Oleg Taktarov discussed the reasons for the defeat of Tony Ferguson, who lost a crushing loss to Justin Gaitzhi at UFC 249 in Jacksonville.

“First of all, this is age, and it may also be a little burned out,” Taktarov said. “Prepared – no fight. Again prepared – again there is nothing. A person can not constantly go up, the preparation goes in waves, so he got into this fight on the decline. Perhaps he didn’t feel very well at first. It would have been good for the 36-year-old to have made a different tactic, to change along the way, to adapt to the opponent, but he did not do it. He did well at the end of the second round, and it probably played a role. And the fact that he absolutely did not listen to the coach, it was also evident. This kind of stubbornness doesn’t lead to anything good”.

At the same time, the veteran of mixed martial arts believes that the fight of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson can still take place.

“Now the fight between Khabib and Ferguson is more possible than before. Previously, it was definitely impossible, but now there is a chance, because it became clear how to behave with Ferguson. So now there are even more options that it will take place»

We will remind that the fight for the temporary UFC lightweight title between Tony Ferguson and Justin Geitzhi ended with the defeat of “El-Kukuya” by a technical knockout in the fifth round.

Walt Harris made a statement after the defeat

Heavyweight Walt Harris, who returned to the octagon after the tragic death of his daughter, commented on the defeat in a fight with Alistair Overim, who lost by technical knockout in the second round at UFC on ESPN 8 in Jacksonville.

“First of all, let me thank Alistair Overeem for sharing the octagon with me today,” Harris wrote on Instagram. “You are a real expert, brother, and a legend! Today was not my night, but you must believe that I will come back and be better! Thank you all for the love and support that cannot be described in words! We learn and grow! Baby, daddy loves you, and I promise you I won’t stop! #Unionesarda».

We will remind that the 19-year-old adopted daughter of the heavyweight, Anaya Blanchard, was kidnapped on the night of October 24 last year, and a month later her body was found and it was established that the girl died from gunshot wounds. Two weeks before the gruesome discovery, police arrested the main suspect in the kidnapping, Ibrahim Yazid, and later detained two alleged accomplices.