John Jones made threats to Brock Lesnar

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, reacted to the news that the former UFC heavyweight title holder, Brock Lesnar, is no longer under contract with WWE and is a free agent.

“Brock, I’ll kick your ass too!”, Jones tweeted after explaining in detail why he should fight Stipe Miocic in the next fight.

The news that Brock Lesnar’s agreement with WWE has come to an end has already stirred up the world of mixed martial arts. In particular, the President of Bellator, Scott Coker, said that his organization is interested in signing a heavyweight to arrange a fight with Fedor Emelianenko.

Jon Jones insists on match against Stipe Miocic

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, explained why Stipe Miocic’s next opponent should be him, and not Francis Ngannou.

Jones expressed his thoughts on this in a series of messages posted on Twitter.

“Stipe doesn’t want to fight Francis because their first fight wasn’t close at all. Looking at it from Stipe’s point of view, the fight with Francis has more to lose than to gain”

“Stipe is asking for a new challenge, so why not give him a fight with the greatest light heavyweight? In addition, we are close in size. What could be more interesting than this?┬╗

“By the time he recovers, my weight will be where it should be. This fight is perfect from all sides”

“Stipe vs. Francis is a high risk with a low reward. Stipe against me makes a lot of sense for both of us. So you will really have a Superboy. If Stipe loses to Francis, he will never be there┬╗

Two weeks ago, 33-year-old Jon Jones officially vacated the UFC light heavyweight title, announcing a switch to heavyweight. However, the UFC President, Dana white, ruled out the possibility that Jones could beat Francis Nganna in the title race, who was named the next contender for the UFC heavyweight championship belt.