Important Things You Need to Know About UFC

UFC is renowned worldwide for its fight business. It started in 1993 as an organization for experts in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). UFC today prides itself as an international premium sports brand and a top-notch content company. It is also the world’s top Pay-Per-View (PPV) event provider. But you may want to know how UFC started. Here is the insight.

How Did UFC Start?

Greek Olympic Games called Pankration dated back in 668 BC were the basis of the formation of UFC. These games were the foundation of the traditional MMA competition, which resulted in Vale Tudo, a Brazilian MMA. Inspired by Vale Tudo, UFC introduced sanctioned and organized MMA to the US. They started by staging a one-night tournament aimed at finding the best fighting champion. The best athletes in all martial arts disciplines like kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, sumo, and grappling got featured. The winner got crowned the champion.

Development of UFC

At the beginning of 2001, the owners of UFC, Dana White, Frank Fertitta III, and Lorenzo Fertitta, got back up from LLC and Zuffa’s new ownership. They were able to restructure the UFC brand to feature a highly organized, controlled, and sanctioned MMA as a combat sport. Its headquarters are in Las Vegas and it has employed many people worldwide. Every year, UFC holds over 40 live events in the most prestigious arenas found around the world.

With over 60 broadcast partners worldwide, UFC gets broadcasted in more than 165 territories and countries. Over 1.1 billion households with TVs watch UFC events, with people of ages 18 to 34 being the highest number of fans. Through its digital subscription service called UFC FIGHT PASS launched in December 2013, fans around the world can enjoy exclusive live events and original content. UFC has maintained top-notch quality and safe games throughout the years.