How UFC Award Scores

By watching the UFC fights, you can tell that multiple judges submit scorecards. The fighter who wins in most scorecards emerges as the match’s winner. But you might wonder the criteria used by the judges to determine the fight’s winner. They may care about kicks, punches, and takedowns. But the question is, do they consider the damage caused by a fighter or the fighter’s frequency while determining the winner? Here is the insight.

UFC Judging

Three judges evaluate and score all the bouts. Each accesses the fight from a different location but somewhere around the fighting area or ring. The referee isn’t part of the judges. The system used to score a bout gets referred to as the 10-Point Must System. The winner gets awarded 10 points while the loser takes nine or lesser points. But in rare situations, both fighters can earn 10 points each, meaning that they tie, and none is better than the other.

In awarding points, judges look out for various techniques used in mixed martial arts. For example, effective defense and aggressiveness, striking, ring control, and grappling. The techniques get evaluated based on the order they appeared.

Scoring Criteria

A round gets determined to be a 10 -10 when both contestants don’t show clear dominance of the other and appear to fight evenly. When a round gets scored as 10 – 9, it means that one fighter has won by a small margin. When a contestant wins with a 10 – 8 points, the judges must have discovered his dominance in the ring the entire time of the fight. But when a contestant dominates the ring entirely by grappling or striking, he wins 10 points while his opponent gets awarded 7 points. With these criteria, the judges decide on the winner of each round. 7 is the least points a loser can get in one round.