“Cowboy” Cerrone denies $ 2 million in remuneration: “I don’t have that much of money”

“Cowboy” Donald Cerrone has denied the rumour that he gets paid $ 2 million per match against Conor McGregor at UFC 246.

Currently at UFC, any puncher placed with Conor McGregor is believed to be beneficial from the Irish punch.
From Nate Diaz to Khabib Nurmagomedov, they all received much higher pay than they used to when they were on top of “The Notorious”. And Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is no exception, as soon as there was news of the upper line with Conor, the audience believed that he would receive a number worthy of the time devoted to UFC. And the recently released $ 2 million figure makes everyone even more certain about that rumour.

But it seems that this is a virtual number when Donald Cerrone has completely denied this.“This rumour is such a lie, because the number that people are talking about is not the same as the amount of money I earn. As for me, I want to find the person who spread the news and ask him where he got so much ??? If so, pay for me that much. ”
Putting aside the information that Conor McGregor will receive $ 5 million in remuneration and $ 80 million from other revenues, or the ticket of the match sold out after just one night and earned up to $ 10 million, Donald Cerrone is not too suprised. He also confirms the proof that the match between him and Conor is really worth watching, but his money is not sure. “This means that Conor and I made the right decision, and we have sold a good number for this match. It’s good for everyone, so don’t forget to credit this Cowboy when it’s over. ”

January 16, the press conference before UFC 246 with the participation of Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor ended successfully with respect from both boxers. The UFC 246 event will start from 6:30 am Sunday morning, January 19. The main matches (Main Card) start at 10am, We will continuously update the news.