Conor McGregor advised Anderson Silva

Former UFC two-weight champion Conor McGregor turned to the legendary Anderson Silva, who suffered a crushing defeat against Uriah Hall at UFC Fight Night 181 in Las Vegas.

Despite the fact that the president of the UFC, Dana White, has promised that he will no longer release “Spider” into the octagon, McGregor believes that the 45-year-old Brazilian should continue his career.

“It was sad to see, but I say – keep going!” – wrote the Irishman on Twitter. “Real fighters never lose this fire, so why get rid of it by force? Just take your time, find the right competition, and keep going. There is always the right competition, for all levels and ages. Find her and do what you love! Always!”

Recall that the middleweight fight between Uraya Hall and Anderson Silva ended in the fourth round with the Brazilian’s defeat by TKO. At the same time, the American could finish the fight ahead of schedule in the third five-minute, but did not manage to finish off the shocked opponent before the signal for a break.

Dana White’s reaction to Anderson Silva’s defeat

Despite the fact that Anderson Silva refused to announce his resignation after an early defeat in the fight against Juraja Hall, the president of the UFC, Dana White, ensures that fans will not see the legendary Brazilian in the Octagon again.

“Look at Anderson – when the fight was over, he couldn’t stand and had to sit down to be interviewed,” White said at a press conference after UFC Fight Night 181. “I made a big mistake and shouldn’t have let him fight Today. He is a legend of sports and our organization, and I did what I did not agree with. I knew I was right, and today I saw proof of that – Anderson Silva shouldn’t fight anymore. “

“He’s a grown man, so I’m not going to persuade him. He has one fight left under the current contract, but I won’t let him fight anymore. I want him to retire. Hopefully when he gets home the family will tell him the same. I’m in a tough spot because this guy is a legend and I care about him, but he’s almost 46 years old. If the well-being and safety of your family does not depend on it, you should not fight at 46 “

Recall that the duel between Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva, who led the event in Las Vegas, ended with the American’s victory by TKO in the fourth round.