Colby Covington replied to Jorge Masvidal

The second number of the rating of UFC welterweights, Colby Covington, commented on the statement of his former friend, and now sworn enemy, Jorge Masvidal, who called him a lower-level fighter, thereby explaining the reluctance to fight with him.

According to Covington, in fact, Masvidal’s reluctance to fight with him is the result of their last sparring, in the end of which the former street fighter was knocked out.

“He doesn’t have a chance to last five rounds with me, and deep down he knows that my level is different from that of Marty Feiknusman,” Covington was quoted as saying by MMA News. “That’s why he doesn’t want to go to the octagon with me. The last time we trained together, I was knocked out by Hanekom. Showed a fake takedown and put it with his foot. So he knows who his daddy is. I’m Jorge Masvidal’s daddy. He’s my son. I Am the king of Miami, and no one can remove me from the throne. I don’t choose opponents and easy fights – I’m ready to fight anyone, because I’m the best in the world, and that’s what the best in the world should do”.

Recall that in December last year, Colby Covington lost to kamar Usman by technical knockout in the fifth round, and Jorge Masvidal went the entire distance with the current division champion last weekend, losing to the “Nigerian nightmare” by unanimous decision.

Ali Abdelaziz declared war on Ariel Helwani and ESPN

One of the most successful managers in the world of MMA, Ali Abdelaziz, declared war on the most famous journalist in the field of mixed martial arts, Ariel Helwani.

The reason for the conflict was the statement of an ESPN reporter that Abdelaziz’s fighter, Gilbert burns, who lost the title chance due to a positive test for coronavirus, should not fight the current UFC champion kamaru Usman, but with the fourth number of the Welterweight division, Leon Edwards.

“I have nothing against Leon Edwards, but the only reason why this s*** makes such statements is because Edwards and Conor have the same management, and he is trying to show his loyalty to McGregor. Gilbert burns is the number one contender, and that’s all that matters, ” Abdelaziz tweeted.

“I forbid ESPN to interview my fighters because you have a reporter who has targeted my Champions. You need to immediately conduct a corruption investigation»

“Kamaru vs. burns will take place, Justin vs. Khabib will take place, and I will not allow him to attend press conferences or ask questions to anyone from the team. Now it’s personal”

“I like what ESPN does. They have great reporters Brett Okamoto, mark Raimondi, Jeff Wagenheim. I don’t have a problem with these guys, but there are limits”

The canadian sports network TSN also came under Abdelaziz’s hot hand.