Ali Abdelaziz: Khabib will fight with Saint Pierre before meeting McGregor again

Former UFC champion in two weight categories, Conor McGregor, will have to wait at least a year before he gets the opportunity to take revenge on the current UFC lightweight title holder, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

This was announced in an interview with MMA Junkie by the Manager of the undefeated Russian fighter, Ali Abdelaziz, who suggested that after a unification bout with the winner of the Ferguson – Geitzhi pair, the champion may not fight with McGregor, but with George St. Pierre.

“Conor is the son of Khabib, which means my nephew, and I think my nephew should sit on the sidelines while the big uncles, Justin Gaitji and Tony Ferguson, will sort things out,” Abdelaziz said. “If Khabib is number one, Geitji and Tony are number two and three, then Conor is only number four.”

“And number four will have to sit for at least a year before he gets a title chance. I can assume that Khabib will fight with GSP before he meets McGregor again. It’s possible. I’m not trying to promote the fight here, and I know what George said in the interview, but we’ll see how it goes»

The only thing that can bring the rematch of Khabib and Conor closer is the decision of Nurmagomedov Sr.

“Khabib will always be fair with the number one contenders. He will never step over the number one contender for a money fight. I promise you that. If you are the number one contender, you will get your chance first. But from a financial point of view, a rematch with Conor makes a lot of sense. This is a lot of money. I think Khabib can earn more than 50 million dollars for the fight with McGregor»

“But I’m not the boss. And Habib is not the boss. All decisions are made by his father, and it will be as he says. Neither Habib’s voice nor my voice means anything. His father decides. If he wakes up tomorrow and says, ‘We’re fighting Conor,’ then we’re going to fight Conor.”

We will remind that on may 9 at UFC 249 in Jacksonville, Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaitzhi will play a temporary lightweight title, the owner of which in September or October will go to a unification fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.