Adesanya’s coach said that while his ward does not even think about rematch with Whittaker

Eugene Berman, coach of the reigning UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, said that while his ward is thinking only about the fight with the light heavyweight title holder Ian Blakhovich and does not intend to have a rematch with Robert Whittaker in the near future.

“We’re targeting Ian. Whittaker may be out of our sight. He’s not even close at gunpoint. So we probably won’t even mention his name. We are totally focused on fighting Blachovich. The battle is ongoing. not between two fighters, but between their management teams and the UFC, but this is the battle that continues right now.

Blakhovich wants to fight in March, he insists on it. When you go out and say things like that in public, it’s part of the strategy by which you want to be in a position to fight on the date you want. After all, there are two champions involved in the process, so they should have the same rights to determine the date. Ultimately, they both work for a company that will decide when to fight, “said Berman.

Dustin Poirier named Conor McGregor’s strengths to be wary of in battle

American mixed martial arts fighter Dustin Poirier believes that the long downtime of his future opponent Conor McGregor will not affect his fighting qualities, and also highlighted the strength of the Irishman.

“We will be able to check this directly during the fight. I am sure that Conor is always developing and working hard on himself. Therefore, I do not think that downtime will greatly affect him.

Looking at his fights, I can say that he has very strong counter hits. There is no doubt that in this he is one of the best in our sport. I can also highlight its timing and sense of distance. Plus he’s a great counter-puncher. For all this, we must give him his due.

I can say that many people underestimate his wrestling qualities and jiu-jitsu. People see him as a strong standing fighter, but I think that during our fight Conor will prove himself as a full-fledged mixed martial artist. He will not focus on his boxing qualities. McGregor goes to fight and so do I. “Poirier said.

Recall that the fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier will be the main event of UFC 257, which will take place on January 23rd.