A Must Observe Rules of UFC

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gets governed by Unified Rules that provide clear and well-established rules to help manage professional MMA competitions. Various athletic commissions proposed on the MMA rules in the 2000s and later on 30th July 2009, the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) adopted them. UFC had no problem with the rules, and that’s why they embraced them in their premier fighting sport.

UFC Regarding Regulation

According to UFC, the rules are great as they help in ensuring that the fighters are safe while competing. Unlike in the earlier days, these rules also provide that every contestant enjoys a fair competition. UFC not only adheres fully to the MMA’s Unified Rules but also supports the athletic commissions in updating and improving the rules for a better MMA. The rules are as follows;

What UFC Fighters Must Follow

  • If any of the UFC contestants go against the following rules, he or she gets penalized.
  • No butting using your head
  • No any eye-gouging
  • You should not spit or bite your opponent
  • No one should fish hook his or her opponent. Any act of inserting one or more fingers or hands into an opponent’s mouth or nostrils, then pull away from your body’s centerline, get regarded as fish hooking.
  • No hair pulling
  • No head back or spine striking
  • No striking your opponent’s neck or head canvas
  • No any kinds of grabbing the trachea or throat strikes
  • You should not outstretch your fingers towards your opponent’s eyes or face
  • No groin attacks
  • You should not kick on your opponent’s head when he’s grounded
  • Never stomp a grounded opponent
  • Don’t hold your opponent’s gloves or shorts
  • Never manipulate your opponent’s small joints
  • You shouldn’t throw your opponent out of the fighting area or ring
  • Don’t use abusive language while in the ring
  • Never attack your opponent after the bell rings